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"Re dei Re" (King of Kings), Vintner's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

SKU: NVCSR2006R $205.20
"Re dei Re Vintner's Reserve" represents our highest achievement to date. Beautifully fruit-forward and juicy on the front, while revealing layers and subtlety as it opens on the pallet. Fresh, ripe fruit; black cherry, raspberry, currant and cassis on the first notes. Tones of leather and tobacco are lingering in the background. The edges are smoothed and softened by the broader flavors of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and vanilla. The finish is long, smooth and satisfying. This one-off, limited production vintage, "Masterpiece of Our Collection", is a rare wine. Rare in its' structure, complexity and balance. Rare in its' refinement and sophistication: Intended to peak with a decade of cellar aging.
Category:Re dei Re