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"Lacrima Dell' Angeli" (Tears of The Angels) White Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

SKU: NVCS2008 $100.00
Our 2008 vintage "Lacrima Dell' Angeli" (Tears of The Angels) White Cabernet Sauvignon is drier, younger, brighter, fresher with a higher alcohol and acid 'piquant'; making it a distinctly different wine than the 2007 vintage. An earlier harvest provides a crisper, lighter foundation for the winemaker. The fresh crispness of green apple, melon and citrus are at the front of the flavor profile with hints of riper apricot and peach on the finish. Served chilled, this 2008 Lacrima Dell' Angeli will show you its' playful, young, bright, fresh-fruity personality; revealing its' secret...It's not serious, disciplined or for "wine snobs". It's just having fun. An excellent pairing with white meat, fish or foul, pastas, cream sauces and vegetables. This "2008" will 'wake up' discreet background flavors in all of your food pairings. Production: 154 cases $24 per bottle